Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Pet - Part 1

Those were the days, when i was in my 4th grade. My mother used to conduct tuitions at home for those kids who were poor, whose parents were illiterate and those could not afford expensive tutorials.

It was a bright saturday afternoon, and as usual i came from school very early. Mom was busy teaching kids, so she told me to change my clothes, get fresh and have some lunch. I promptly did so, and when I was just about to put the first spoon of rice into my mouth, My mom's student, asha, came running along with her mother. She told us that some sort of animal had entered their house and was terrorizing their children. Their father was not in the city, so she wanted me to help her out to "exterminate" the animal.

Being a curious and hyperactive kid, I wanted to be the one to solve this mistery. I placed my plate back in the kitchen, and as per my mother's instructions followed asha to their place.

Once i reached their home, i sneaked into the kitchen where the voices of the so called "unknown" animal was still being heard. The vessels were scattered all around the place and it was completely messy. I managed to clear the path way, and followed the voice that finally led me to the narrow passage inside the chimney. I lit a torch inside the passage and lo behold, I could see two glittering helpless eyes, which seemed to me as if they were pleading me to free her out of the passage. Without no further thoughts, i inserted my hand inside the passage and carefully started to pull the animal out, making sure that i wont hurt it. Slowly the two legs of the animal was visible; and soon its body became visible, asha and her mother were shocked to see a two legged animal, then when the body was visible, they knew what it was, It was a cockrell (a yonng rooster)., crouched in a narrow passage.

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