Friday, January 25, 2008

A day in a superstar's life

Warning. This story is meant for people who are SCIENTIFICALLY CHALLENGED

It had been snowing for the past few days. The asphalt roads were covered with thick ice making driving dangerous.
Our superstar is driving a ferrari, which was presented to him for his remarkable super heroic stunts.

He had a passion for driving . But today there is a sense of discomfort in his face (It is so evident, that
even a small kid would figure it out).

Being a superstar, he had an ad campaign going on. So he was supposed to be
very consious about the brand he wears, the food he eats, the stuff he drinks etc.
Our superstar has a coke in is hand (obviously the brand he was sponsoring). But the reason for his discomfort is still uncertain.

Inspite of slippery roads, Suddenly He cruises his car at a top speed of 450 Miles per hour, (He is a superstar, he can easily achieve that speed
in any car and in any road condition), He goes nearer to the curb of the road, performs a superhero bang on one of the rocks. (I suppose you
are still unclear as to why he did that).

But a superstar is always right, as soon as he bangs on the rock some ice cubes start rolling from the rocky hill.
In a whisker he stretches out the glass of coke outside and lo behold, some ice cubes roll down through the rocks into the glass.

His face now glitters with a superstar smile, and due to this feat, his discomfort of not having "ICE in his COKE" is vanished,
and he drives happily back home.

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